Meditation is an energy healing art that has amazing health benefits, but it is often not prioritized because people feel too busy. Many people tend to shy away from meditation because they think it is awkward. However, once they try it or get involved in group meditation, many of them will realize that meditation is similar to prayer except that it teaches them to focus their awareness inward. The benefits of this practice are numerous.

Meditation is great for relaxing the mind, body, and spirit as well as raising your frequency. Some scientists and alternative medicine practitioners believe that when the body’s energy is vibrating at higher frequencies, it is more immune to disease. They believe this because some studies have shown that disease-causing microorganisms have a hard time thriving in this type of body. Furthermore, meditation has been shown to boost the immune system.

In addition to boosting immunity to fight off harmful microorganisms, many studies have shown that meditation, mindfulness, and deep relaxation can reduce stress, improve cognitive focus, and affect emotions in positive ways. This powerful practice can benefit your entire wellbeing.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. There are many ways to effectively meditate. These 20 minute guided meditations are available for you to use in practice. The most important thing is to do it. This daily practice should become as important in your daily routine as brushing your teeth.

If you are new to meditation, be patient and loving in the process. You will learn to enjoy it tremendously. This practice will renew, rejuvenate and maintain your mind, body and spirit. This is the foundational practice for communing with your source. Vital nourishment comes from turning your attention inward.

Download these meditations and use them regularly. I will be adding more to the library for your use.

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meditation TIPS

meditation TIPS

Meditation tips for beginners #1:
Scan your body

Your mind is always thinking and being distracted by all sorts of messages, so clearing and relaxing your mind can be a huge challenge. One trick to shed the mental side-talk is to scan your body in unison with your breath.

Start by focusing your attention on your toes and silently telling them to relax. Then, repeat this process until you have scanned every part of your body from your legs and abdomen to your fingers, arms, heart, and head. By the time you get through giving attention to your entire body, you will be surprised to find how relaxed you are.

Meditation tips for beginners #2:

The word “mantra” derives from two root words in Sankrit, “man” which means “mind” and “tra” which means “instrument.” A mantra then is when someone creates some type of repetitive sound or vibration, either with their own voice or an instrument to sooth and calm their mind.

Most people are familiar with the word “om” which is often used as a mantra. But there are many others too. The key is to repeat the sound or word over and over and feel its vibration and sound course through your body.


Meditation tips for beginners #4:

When you see or think of an alarming image, your body is flooded with the stress hormone, cortisol, and becomes alert and on edge. The flip side of this phenomenon is that by focusing on calming and peaceful images, your body can tap into your inner stillness, thereby setting you up for relaxation and meditation. These types of images are very powerful for harmonizing the energy of the mind and body.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to meditation, so the more you do it, the more it will become easier to transition into a meditative state of awareness. Also, try to meditate on a regular basis so that your body becomes use to it. One thing you should always do before meditating is to make sure you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable, you are making it much harder to relax your mind to a state of inner peace.

Meditation tips for beginners #3:
Peaceful music

The vibration and sound of peaceful music can help relax your mind, making it easier for you to achieve a meditative state. The trick is to select music that is soothing and dreamy and preferably something without words. If you prefer having words in the peaceful music, words with soft and soothing tones are recommended.

Also, the volume should be low enough that it is not all-consuming but more in the backdrop of things. Furthermore, make sure that the music does not end or change significantly while you are still meditating.




When most people meditate, they tend to only focus their awareness towards their brains. When people do that, they are missing a very important element of the meditation process. Besides your brain, your heart is also very important for helping you to achieve a state of inner peace.

One of the most effective methods for helping you to achieve a state of mindfulness is by focusing your awareness on your brain first. After that, slow the activities of your brain by 

Focusing your awareness on a specific part of your body for a few minutes or longer can be hard sometimes. If you find out that you are having a hard time focusing your awareness, use these five techniques to help strengthen your spiritual awareness.

Don’t just survive, be well and thrive.

With great love and respect,