are you distracted by the needs of others?

Do you find it hard to find time to take care of yourself?

Are you waiting for things to get better?

Is it difficult to sleep?

Are you frequently stressed, and overwhelmed?

Are you resentful of others?

Hi Gorgeous!

You are NOT alone.

My name is Timi O’Malley and I love this miraculous life. I’m inspired to guide others to reach their highest potential, life balance and career success. Why am I qualified to guide you on this journey to a radiant, glorious life?

Even though my life has been blessed, it has not been without profound loss. In my late thirties, my comfortable life changed dramatically, very quickly. I changed career, and then my husband became very ill. We needed to sell our home quickly and then he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  I mourned deeply, but remained resilient. This was a giant wake-up call for me to evaluate what was important.

Once the fog of grief lifted, I saw life very differently. It was clear to me that every moment is a miraculous gift from a source of infinite love. This perspective has energized a desire to connect with this love, inwardly. Immense gratitude for this gift of life has inspired me to put all my skills and talents together to guide others to their highest potential.

Because I love to learn and try new things, I continuously challenge myself.  I read extensively about nutrition and love cooking. Every day is an opportunity to fully feel the power of movement. This keeps me healthy with an ideal weight.  As I age, I still feel strong and vital. Since these profound life shifts, I have found a great new job, a wonderful husband and live a happy, balanced life.